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“From Barto – one of the few groups in the country to have come under investigation for their lyrics (and in far less cannibalistic times) – you might expect commentaries on burning issues. You won't find them here, but maybe that's for the best: 'NNNN' is perhaps Barto's most interesting recording in terms of actual music. Workhorse synthetics of the past have given way to a more refined architecture of sound, almost in the spirit of The Knife; the tone is more tongue-in-cheek, and the topics are current – there's a tale about a complicated relationship with a migrant worker, and a surrealistic duet with A. Liver, and a manifest about how nobody needs anything. It'll be interesting to see what comes next.” – Afisha magazine

With its new EP “NNNN,” the electropunk group Barto puts a dotted line between its controversial past and an enlightened future, leaving behind a multitude of no-longer-relevant theses from a seven-year cycle of creative activity. It's hard to say anything more specific for now: after vacationing in Mexico the duo have been holed up in the studio for several months, rethinking both the traditional persona of the lyrics and the method of communication with the listener. Musical experimentation is overtaking ideology, the material is becoming more personalized, and diggings into the mass unconsciousness are reaching new depths, shattering four-on-the-floor cliches and crushing metal. According to its members, Barto is resetting the variables and restarting, complementing the reboot of their sound with the opening of their own electronic label, bastard boogie tunes, whose first release is a collaboration between SBPCh and Naadya.

One of the compositions released on a Volna Records EP (sung in French and recorded with the participation of the “Golden Voice of the Geneva Opera” Alexander Liver from NOM) was presented by the musicians last winter live on air on the Mexican radio station Pirata FM, and will be included in the upcoming multilingual album “Barto” along with material by other artists including Poland's Super Girl & Romantic Boys.

[bbt 002]


released November 9, 2014



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bastard boogie tunes / bbt Saint Petersburg, Russia

bastard boogie tunes (bbt) is a record label from St. Petersburg, Russia, run by BARTO the band. Launched on Halloween in 2014, bbt was initially focused on electronic music, but quickly cast off such limitations and now brings together a diverse range of artists working in different genres – from psychedelic garage to bedroom electronica. <...> ... more

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